Fungi Foraging in Kent and Sussex 2017

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I run two sorts of fungi foraging sessions, public sessions where people can book individual places and private sessions for small, self-organised groups of up to 6 people. The public sessions all occur in the same location, and because the groups are larger there will be fewer fungi per person at the end. They give an introductory taste of foraging. For a more advanced or tailored to specific requirements experience, probably a greater range of fungi as well as choice of location, book a private session with a self-assembled group. On a weekday, the price per person for a 6-person private group is the same as a single place on a public session.


Note 25/10/2017. From next year, I will be offering a new sort of fungi foraging course, at a new venue.  I will not be running public sessions in Hemsted Forest from next year. Details coming soon.

No more public dates will be added this year.  Saturday 11th and Sundays 19th and 26th of November are still available for private sessions, as are the 2nd and 3rd of December (although by then the selection of fungi available tends to be rather limited, so the price would only be £150 rather than £200).

Hemsted Forest, West Kent

Hemsted Forest, West Kent, October 2015.

Hemsted Forest is a large area of mixed woodland in West Kent, roughly equidistant from Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Ashford. It is a mix of conifer plantation, chestnut coppice and general mixed woodland – a generally excellent place for learning about fungi.

Price: adults £25, children (under 16) £12.50.

There is a limit of 15 people per session. These courses are unsuitable for children under the age of 6. They will start at 12:30pm promptly.

These three-hour sessions are intended to teach people as much as possible about fungi in general, with a focus on edible, poisonous and very common species. The goal is to find as many different species as possible, and explain how they are identified, whether you can eat them, and what else you might be able to use them for (as medicine, dyes, etc…).

Penny Bun, Larch Bolete and masses of The Miller, bucking the general trend for this autumn.

Penny Bun, Larch Bolete and masses of The Miller: mushroom season peaking 2014.

Any edible stuff we find will be split between the participants at the end of the session, so you can take them home and experiment with cooking and eating them. There will be no cooking/tasting in the forest itself. It is important to note that given the group sizes, these sessions are more about learning how to identify edible and poisonous fungi than about collecting loads of stuff for people to take home. If what you are after is a decent amount of wild fungi to experiment with cooking yourself, then a private session with a much smaller group might be a better option.

You will need to wear suitable clothes and footwear for walking in woodland (keep an eye on the weather forecast!). You don’t need to bring anything else, but a small basket and a folding knife might come in useful. You do also need to be full able-bodied and reasonably fit. Depending on the availability of fungi, we may end up walking quite a long distance, and some of the terrain can be steep, muddy or involve climbing over or ducking under obstacles of various types.

NB: There are no toilet facilities in Hemsted Forest.

Dates for 2017:

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Saturday September 9th

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Sunday September 24th

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Saturday October 7th

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Sunday October 29th

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Saturday November 4th (EXTRA DATE)

——-FULLY BOOKED——- Sunday November 12th

Please contact me by email if you’d like to book a place or buy a voucher to give as a present.


November collection

November collection

Autumn fungi foraging sessions are for a maximum of 6 people, and usually run for 3 hours at a time and location of your own choice (anywhere in Kent or Sussex where there is public access and no restrictions on foraging). There is a flat fee of £200 at weekends and £150 on a weekday (for the whole group, regardless of size). Most of my customers choose take the finds home with them to experiment with (I reserve the right to take some of them with me if there are plenty, for the running of evening courses, etc…), but I can also cook them up for you on a camping stove as part of the session (please ask beforehand if you want me to do this, but be aware that it can become impossible in poor weather conditions).

Geographical areas covered

Vouchers will be valid for places I can get to within one hour of driving time from Hastings. This area is delimited by the M23/A23, M25 (jct 7 to 5) and M20/M26. Beyond that there will be an additional charge for travelling, please ask for details.


Fungi foraging evening talk/meal on Fri Sep 22nd at The Garden House in Brighton, East Sussex.

Fungi foraging session on Sun Oct 8th as part of a 2-day autumn wild food course at Jack Raven Bushcraft near Ashford, Kent.

Fungi foraging workshops on Sat/Sun 14th/15th of October at Bay Tree Cottage in Northamptonshire.

Fungi foraging day on Sun 22nd of October at Catthorpe Manor in Leicestershire.