Coastal Foraging in Sussex

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For plant/general foraging, see the bottom of this page.


To get the best out of seashore foraging, you need to be in the right place at the right time. The right place is somewhere with rocks and rockpools near the mean low tide level, preferably also not too sheltered, because most seaweeds thrive in rougher waters. And the right time means at a low low tide – as opposed to just a low tide. Spring tides – relatively big tides where the water level “springs about” – occur every two weeks, just after the full and new moons. However, several other factors contribute: there is a greater tidal range at the new moon than the full moon, because the sun and moon are both pulling in the same direction. There’s also a greater tidal range at the equinoxes rather than the solstices (for reasons that are too complex to explain in one sentence) and an increased tidal range when the moon is closest to the Earth. However, until the full tide tables are published on the internet it is impossible to work out exactly which dates will be the best for coastal foraging. Watch this space…

UPDATE 28/10/2017

I am planning three public coastal foraging sessions next year, and they will be on the following dates:

Sunday June 17th (morning, low tide is at 9am)

Saturday July 14th (evening, low tide is at 7.30pm)

Sunday August 12th (evening, low tide is at 7.15pm)

The sessions will last about 2.5 hours. Price: £25 for adults, £12.50 for children under 16.

seaweeds_websiteI am not going to reveal the location here, apart from to say it is somewhere in Sussex. It is only by going to various beaches at a very low tide that you find out what is growing there, and many beaches on the south coast of south-east England aren’t that good. I’ll give a rough idea of the location to anyone who is interested in doing this, and precise directions (and timings) only to the people who are coming on the course.

On this course we will cover edible seaweeds, of which there will be an abundant supply of several of the very best, as well as touching on edible shellfish and edible wild plants that are growing in the vicinity. We will end by cooking some of the seaweeds, and creating a Thai/Korean-inspired dish.

WARNING: this session will involve clambering around on rocks, in rockpools and in shallow water at low tide. The rocks can be slippery, as well as hard, and some areas will be quite muddy as well as sandy. You will need to come equipped with suitable footwear and clothing.


I am also available for general foraging sessions – mainly for plants, but also any fungi we might find, and coastal stuff if we do it near the coast. The best time to do this is the spring – from mid-April to mid-June.  The price is £150 for 3 hours for a group of up to 6.