Christmas Presents – foraging vouchers for next year


I currently run two sorts of foraging courses where people can book individual places – coastal foraging and fungi foraging. The price for a place on both these sorts of session is £25, so one voucher can be redeemed for either – the recipient can choose which they want to do. These vouchers are personalised, and emailed to the person who buys them (for £25, obviously).

The coastal sessions take place in Sussex, always during an extremely low tide. The usable low tides tend to be in the late afternoon or early evening (those in the morning are usually too early), and the sessions take place around and after new moons between April and August. We will forage for seaweeds and coastal plants, and I will prepare a couple of seaweed dishes on the beach for people to try.

Late October collection (31/10/2015).

The fungi sessions take place in Hemsted Forest in West Kent. They are introductory fungi walks – we will not expect to find mountains of edible fungi, but we usually find plenty for people to start learning how to identify fungi. I will also bring a wide selection of whatever happens to be around at the time, and we have a cook-up at the end of the session so people can sample various edible species.

I also offer vouchers for private groups for fungi foraging. The sessions are three hours long, are for a group of up to six people, and take place anywhere within an hour’s drive of Hastings (the whole of East Sussex and most of Kent). There are two types of voucher, corresponding to weekend and weekday sessions. Next year, weekend sessions will cost £240 and weekday sessions £180, and this is also the cost of the relevant vouchers. As a special deal, people buying vouchers for private sessions can also buy a signed copy of my book (see tab on menu at the top of this page) for an extra £10, including P&P (so you can give the book at Christmas along with the voucher). The book has an RRP of £20. There is a very limited availability of these vouchers for private sessions at the weekend.

Please email me if you would like to buy a voucher.