Christmas Presents – foraging vouchers for next year (2018)


I run several sorts of foraging courses where people can book individual places – coastal foraging and fungi foraging. Vouchers are available for the prices listed below (for coastal and shorter Hemsted fungi sessions, vouchers are interchangeable because the cost per place is the same). You do not need to specify which date – the recipient can contact me next year to choose that.

The coastal sessions take place in East Sussex, always during an extremely low tide. The usable low tides are always in the late afternoon or early evening, or early morning. We will forage for seaweeds and coastal plants, and I will prepare a couple of seaweed dishes on the beach for people to try. The evening sessions will start around 6:30 to 7:00pm (dependent on the tide), morning session at 8:30am.

Coastal dates: Fri Jun 15th (evening), Sun Jun 17th (morning), Sat Jul 14th (evening), Sun Aug 12th (evening). £25 each, or £45 for 2, and the session lasts 2 to 3 hours.

Hemsted Forest, West Kent

There are three different fungi courses, in two different locations. The first location is Hemsted Forest, which is large area of Forestry Commission-owned mixed woodland in western Kent (about mid-way between Maidstone and Hastings). There will be both longer and shorter sessions there next year. The shorter sessions last for 3 hours, including a cook-up at the end for people to sample some of the fungi we have found. Two and a half hours walking is enough for some people, although this limits how far into the forest we can get from the only car park.

Hemsted (shorter) dates:  Sun Sep 16th, Sat Oct 6th, Sat Nov 17th. £25 each (£12.50 for under 16s), £45 for 2. 

For the first time next year I will also be running longer courses at Hemsted Forest. These will take up to 5 hours, allowing us to get deep into the forest in the hope of finding a greater variety of fungi, further off the beaten track. We will stop for lunch (bring your own) half way through, and may have a cookup at the end, depending on how we are doing for time and how much we’ve found. Otherwise the finds will be shared for people to take home. These longer sessions are not suitable for children, adults carrying babies, or anybody who isn’t physically fit. They are for fit adults who are used to long walks, who are looking for a more detailed introduction to fungi foraging.

Hemsted (longer) dates: Sat Sep 8th, Sun Sep 30th, Sun Nov 4th. £40 each, or £75 for 2.

Late October collection (31/10/2015). Horn of Plenty, Hedgehog Fungus, Winter Chanterelle, Wavy-capped Chanterelle, Chanterelle, Wood Blewit, Clouded Funnel, Scarlet Waxcap, Snowy Waxcap, Peppery Bolete.

The other location is an area of broadleaved private woodland near Brede in East Sussex, called Mill Wood. This is a chunk old woodland that was turned into a pig farm, which was abandoned to nature 3 years ago. These run from 10.30am to 2.30pm, and include lunch (foraged, provided). We will search the entire woodland, and adjacent fields, for fungi, and learn how to identify them, and we’ll try all of the edible species we find. The pace of these sessions will be easier, and we’ll not cover as much ground, but we will pay close attention to whatever fungi we do find. I will also bring a variety of other fungi with me, to broaden the range of species people can familiarise themselves with.

Mill Wood dates: Sat Sep 22nd, Sun Oct 21st. £45 each, or £80 for two places.

I also offer vouchers for private groups for fungi foraging. The sessions are three hours long, are for a group of up to six people, and take place anywhere within an hour’s drive of Hastings (the whole of East Sussex and most of Kent). There are two types of voucher, corresponding to weekend and weekday sessions. Next year, weekend sessions will cost £240 and weekday sessions £180, and this is also the cost of the relevant vouchers. As a special deal, people buying vouchers for private sessions can also buy a signed copy of my book (see tab on menu at the top of this page) for an extra £10, including P&P (so you can give the book at Christmas along with the voucher). The book has an RRP of £20. There is a very limited availability of these vouchers for private sessions at the weekend.

Please email me if you would like to buy a voucher.