Customer Feedback

“I want you both to know how much my husband and I enjoyed our day. We were not at all disappointed. Geoff kindly managed expectations, in preemptive emails and at the onset of our mushroom hunt. The plentiful bits of information he shared with us about both edible and inedible fungi were fascinating and instructive, and we cannot praise the lunch enough to do you justice. How funny that picking food and cooking it should be a treat when it’s actually back to basics! The opportunity to taste the things we did find so soon after harvest was certainly a delight, but you went so far above and beyond that with the prepared items. One could not hope for a more delicious and satisfying meal anywhere. We greatly appreciate how welcome we were all made and really liked the family camping atmosphere, especially me who did a lot of camping as a child. Thank you very much for a fabulous day and for lots of inspiration. We do have the book, which is so well done, and are looking forward to the next book!”

“We had such an incredible afternoon. Our first forage. @geoff.dann was a brilliant, incredibly knowledgeable guide, we’ll be using his book to refer back to everything we found today and when we venture out in the future. Thankyou to @foragerfamily for bringing along your little one to keep ours company. Today was splendid!”

“thanks for yet another fascinating day; if not a bit wet!”

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed meeting you and your family and your course was super interesting. I’m currently drying the seaweed and my house is filled with beautiful sea smells. We told the B&B we stayed in on the seafront that we were going on your course and they said they were looking for places to recommend to their guests. I’ve emailed them a few photos (no land views as I didn’t want to show where it is) and I’ve given you a good review with them. If there are any websites you wish me to write a review on then please send me the link. I couldn’t find you on Tripadvisor but if you put yourself on there I will happily give you a 5* review. Please can you let me know when you do your next mushroom course.”