Edible Plants (Book)

Edible Plants: A forager’s guide to the wild plants and seaweeds of Britain, Ireland and temperate Europe is now available. This book is 512 pages long, and sewn thread bound (the highest quality binding, allowing the book to open flat, and making it built to last). Full colour throughout, and covering absolutely everything of relevance, including 25 seaweeds and over 450 edible and poisonous plants. The RRP is £25.  Please email me (geoffdann@hotmail.com) if you would like a personalised message. It is initially only available in paperback, but we do have plans to bring out a hardback version next year.

Signed copy of paperback £20 (incl P&P to UK address ONLY – please email me if you are outside the UK)  

Feedback from readers:

Anne B: “Thank you so much for the splendid book, which arrived today. I am totally impressed. I had no idea how many plants could be eaten, and I very much like the way you have included the similar ones that are not edible. I can see me spending lots of time reading it.”

James W: “Just started reading your book and really enjoying it, I’ve read many descriptions on our development from hunter gatherers to farmers and I have to say yours is written beautifully, some people share their preferred theories as the most likely and I’ve heard differing theories written in this way where as you wrote that there are many and we don’t know for sure which I liked. I accompanied you on a coastal foraging course and subsequently brought a few books to help me identify seaweeds, I was really disappointed finding only a few varieties in books and nothing with that many in, your book seems to have loads including the oginori (may have spelt that wrong), needless to say I shall be returning to the coast with a better idea of what I’m looking for.”

Joe W “Spent twenty minutes with it and can tell I’m going to be very happy with it. Great info and photos.”