Edible Plants (Book)

Edible Plants: A forager’s guide to the wild plants and seaweeds of Britain, Ireland and temperate Europe will go on general release on January 15th 2022. This book will be 512 pages long, and sewn thread bound (the highest quality binding, allowing the book to open flat, and making it built to last). Full colour throughout, and covering absolutely everything of relevance, including 25 seaweeds and over 450 edible and poisonous plants. The RRP will be £25.  Please email me (geoff@geoffdann.co.uk) if you would like a personalised message. It will initially only be available in paperback, but we do have plans to bring out a hardback version at a later date.

We had hoped to send out pre-release copies from the start of November, but unfortunately there has been a delay and we don’t know exactly when we can start shipping. It will be before the official release date.

Signed copy of paperback £25 (incl P&P)