Foraging events in Kent and Sussex (2019)


NB: If you want a voucher as a present, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Spring foraging at Brede, East Sussex

This is the first year we are running these events, and they are at an introductory price. It will be based at our headquarters in private woodland near Brede, and include a walk (2 to 3 miles) through the surrounding countryside. The exact format will depend on what is available at that point of the spring but we will cover birch sap tapping and any fungi we find, and at least twenty edible spring plant species. Price includes a light foraged lunch, and I will also cook some dishes with some of our finds over a campfire. 10:30 – 15:00. Introductory price £45.

Sun Apr 14th 6 places free

Sat Apr 27th 5 places free

Prime-time seaweed and coastal plant foraging (near Eastbourne)

We can only run these courses at one time each year. There is only one opportunity to go foraging during an extremely low tide while there is useful daylight, at a time when both the edible seaweeds and edible coastal plants are at their best for collecting. NB: go for the Friday if you want to see what can be found during the lowest foragable tide of the year. £40.

Good Friday Apr 19th (16.45 – 19.45) 5 places free

Easter Monday Apr 22nd (8.00 – 11.00) 10 places free

Summer seaweed foraging in East Sussex (near Eastbourne)

These events take place at the best location for edible seaweeds in south-east England. We’ll explore the beach during a low spring tide. We’ll collect a wide variety of edible seaweeds (and also take a look at some of the edible coastal plants), before I cook up a couple of seaweed dishes for people to try. The whole thing takes between 2 and a half and 3 hours, and the start time varies on with the tides (very low tides always occur quite early in the morning, or late afternoon / early evening here). 2.5 to 3 hours. Price £30.

Sat May 18th (starts 16.45) 10 places free

Sat Jul 6th (starts 08.30) 10 places free

Sun August 4th (starts 08.00) 12 places free

Autumn fungi foraging day at Brede in East Sussex

These events take place in private woodland in south-east Sussex. Here we have a permanent camp set up, with a campfire kitchen. The area ranks among the best I know for edible fungi, anywhere. This year (2018) we found 35 different edible species within an area of about the size of 3 football pitches.

The day starts at 10am with an introduction to fungi foraging before we survey the species growing closest by. We’ll then have a forager’s lunch (including our home-made wild mushroom soup and spicy seaweed sourdough). After lunch we’ll head further afield to see what else we can find, and then return back for a wild mushroom cook-up over the fire.

10.30am – 3.30pm. £65 Sundays, £50 weekday.

Sat Aug 31st.12 places free 

Sun Sep 15th. 11 places free

Sun Sep 29th. 8 places free

Thu Oct 17th. 10 places free

Sun Oct 27th.12 places free

Autumn fungi foraging woodland walk in West Kent

These events take place in Forestry Comission land in western Kent (between Ashford and Tunbridge Wells). We will spend over four hours exploring the many different habitats in the forest, learning about whatever fungi we find, especially from the point of view of a forager. At the end we will have a cook-up on a camping stove so people can try whatever we’ve found. These events are not suitable for children or anyone who has mobility problems – they are for fit adults who are used to long walks. NB You will need to bring a packed lunch, and there are no toilet facilities. 10.30am – 3.00pm. £50 Sundays, £40 Wednesday.

Sun Sep 8th. 12 places free

Sun Sep 22nd. 10 places free

Wed Oct 2nd.12 places free

Sun Oct 20th. 12 places free

Sun Nov 3rd.11 places free

Sun Nov 17th. 12 places free

Private fungi foraging events

These take place anywhere on public access land in south-east England (which gives me a vastly increased area to work with, which is often reflected in the amount of fungi to be found), and are for up to seven people. The price is for the whole group, and you will take the finds home with you at the end. (If you are bringing children then contact me for a quote).

3 hours. Price £250 on a weekend day (mainly Saturdays), £180 on a weekday.

Vouchers / presents

I can supply personalised vouchers, or write an equivalent message in a signed copy of my book to give as a present. Vouchers can be for a cash amount to be redeemed against any of our events, or for any of the specific types of event (at the same cost as a normal ticket). Books are £17.50 (paperback) or £25 (hardback) (2nd class P&P free) if bought as a present along with a place on one of our events. If you want to buy two or more events as a present and are happy to pay by BACS, then there’s a £10 discount on each one.