Autumn / Fungi Foraging Workshops in Kent and Sussex (2020)


My peak season events at Brede and Tunbridge Wells are now sold out for this year, but I have arranged a late season special at the latter, for half the normal price (see below). There are also still a few places left on the fungi walks in Bodiam and still have some availability for private sessions  in November.

Autumn / Fungi foraging workshops at Salomons Estate, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (£60.)


These are new events for 2020, only added to this website on August 22nd. Salomons is a Victorian mansion set in 36 acres of gardens and woodland, with a superb variety of trees and grassland habitats for fungi. We will start with an introduction to fungi foraging, and participants are encouraged to bring along any fungi growing in their gardens, so we can start learning how to identify things. This will be followed by a 2-3 hour exploration of the estate in search of fungi. After a break for refreshments, a chef will cook all the edible species we’ve found, for everybody to have a taste. The events are suitable for vegetarians, but we may use butter in the cooking so not 100% vegan-friendly.

Tuesday Sep 15th 1pm-5pm FULLY BOOKED

Friday Sep 25th 1pm-5pm FULLY BOOKED

Sunday Oct 18th 1pm-5pm FULLY BOOKED

Saturday Oct 31st 1pm-5pm  FULLY BOOKED

Sunday Nov 8th 1pm-5pm FULLY BOOKED

I’ve decided to add an extra date. This is quite late in the season, but the habitat at Salomon’s looks good for late season fungi – especially waxcaps, which are both beautiful and edible. This is a tester event, to see how viable it will be to run late season forays here in future. Half the normal price.

Late season special offer £30. Sunday Nov 22nd 1pm-3.30pm (10 places available)

Autumn / Fungi foraging workshops at Brede, East Sussex.


These events take place in private woodland in south-east Sussex. Here we have a semi-permanent camp set up, with a campfire kitchen. The area ranks among the very best I know for fungi, anywhere. We have so far found 45+ species of edible wild fungi in about 20 acres of woodland and meadow.  I will bring a selection of seasonal species, and participants are encouraged to bring things they’ve found to widen the range even further. We aim to cover at least 25 species of interest to a forager (including poisonous ones you need to know how to avoid) during the course of the day, but fungi foraging is always a bit of a lottery.

The day will start at 10.30am with an introduction to fungi foraging and we’ll have a look at what people have brought with them, before we survey the species growing closest by. We’ll then have a fungi-based forager’s lunch, after which we’ll head further afield to see what else we can find, and then return back for a wild mushroom cook-up. End time will be between 3.00 and 3.30pm. These events are vegetarian, and vegans can be accommodated if you let us know. There are usually 14 places per workshop, but because of Covid-19 we have decided to reduce this to ten this year.

The exact format of these events depends on the time of year, the weather and the availability of fungi. We will cover all the fungi which are fruiting, and pay more attention to the edible wild plants if there are fewer fungi around. In the unlikely event that there are too few fungi to justify the event, I will warn people and give them the opportunity to reschedule. What is the best time to go fungi foraging / do I ever cancel/postpone events?


I may add further public dates in November if there are sufficient fungi available in our woodland. Please email me for details.