Fungi Foraging in Kent and Sussex



Fungi Foraging in Autumn (September to November)

A typical mid-September collection of (mainly) edible fungi, primarily boletes in this case, but there’s also some russulas, amethyst deceivers and millers in there.

Private groups

I take private groups fungi foraging. The standard sessions are three hours long, are for a group of up to seven people, and the price quoted here is for anywhere within an hour’s drive of Hastings (the whole of East Sussex and most of Kent). Weekend sessions cost £210 (for the whole group) and weekday sessions £140. Please email me for more details – I can do longer sessions if you’re up for it.

Public events

NOTE 08/10/18: Due to high demand, and extra date has been added at Mill Wood, on Saturday November 3rd

This year (2018) I will be running three different sorts of public fungi courses, in two different locations. The first location is Hemsted Forest, which is large area of Forestry Commission mixed woodland in western Kent (about mid-way between Maidstone and Hastings). There will be both longer and shorter sessions there this year.

Payment is by BACS bank transfer, cheque or paypal, and there is a 5% discount on BACS payments (please email me for my bank details).

Hemsted Forest (shorter session)

The shorter sessions last for 3 hours (starting at 12:30pm), including a cook-up at the end for people to sample some of the fungi we have found. Two and a half hours walking is enough for some people, although this limits how far into the forest we can get from the only car park. Maximum 15 places per session. Price £25 each



Hemsted Forest, West Kent

Hemsted Forest (long session)

For the first time next year I will also be running longer courses at Hemsted Forest. These will take up to 5 hours (starting at 10:30am), allowing us to get deep into the forest in the hope of finding a greater variety of fungi, further off the beaten track. We will stop for lunch (bring your own) half way through, and may have a cookup at the end, depending on how we are doing for time and how much we’ve found. Otherwise the finds will be shared for people to take home. These longer sessions are not suitable for children, adults carrying babies, or anybody who isn’t physically fit. They are for fit adults who are used to long walks, who are looking for a more detailed introduction to fungi foraging. Maximum 12 places per session. Price £40 each.

Note: there are no toilet facilities in Hemsted Forest.



Mill Wood

Basecamp at Mill Wood on the day we set it up, brand new kettle on the fire

The other location is an area of broadleaved private woodland near Brede in East Sussex, called. This is a chunk old woodland that was turned into a pig farm, and then abandoned to nature 5 years ago. These sessions will run from 10.30am to 2.30pm, and include a partially-foraged lunch. We will search the entire woodland, and adjacent fields, for fungi, and learn how to identify them, and we’ll try all of the edible species we find. The pace of these sessions will be easier, and we’ll not cover as much ground, but we will pay close attention to whatever fungi we do find. I will also bring a variety of other fungi with me, to broaden the range of species people can familiarise themselves with. The wild-food-based lunch, cooked over an open fire, will be suitable for vegetarians but not vegans (and there may be more carnivorous options, depending on what turns up!). Maximum 15 places. Introductory price £45 each. (Places on these events will be £60 next year.)

Note: there is no power or running water at Mill Wood, and no toilet. You’re going to be out in nature for 4 hours.

Sat Sep 22nd: SOLD OUT

Thu Oct 4th: SOLD OUT

Sun Oct 21st: SOLD OUT

NB: It is hard to predict how much fungi will be around on November 3rd this year. The ground is still quite dry, having not fully recovered from the Summer, and it largely depends on how much rain we get in the next week or so. It might be really good, but there is also a possibility that a lack of fungi could make this event impractical to run on this date, this year at this particular location. Should this happen, I will give people a choice between a full refund, or a place on one of the 5 events of this sort being planned for next year, at this year’s price (next year places will be £60 each).

27/10 and 11/11 EXTRA EVENTS (added 9/9/2018):

These will be smaller groups – only 6 places – at locations only to be revealed to the participants. They will be from 10am to 1pm and there will be no cookup at the end — the group will share the finds to take home. Price £40.

Sat Oct 27th, central East Sussex: SOLD OUT

Sun Nov 11th, south-east Kent: SOLD OUT

8/11 EXTRA EVENT (added 20/9/2018):

This is an experiment, a test for potential weekend courses next year. The start and end point will be the same as for the Mill Wood sessions. Because the immediately adjacent woodland is entirely deciduous, it may not be so great for fungi towards the end of autumn, so I have decided to test a different route, using local footpaths that traverse coniferous woodland as well. We can then light a campfire at Mill Wood basecamp and cook up whatever we find. We will start at 10am and I anticipate we will finish between 1pm and 2pm. Group size 7. Because this is experimental (and on a weekday) the price is only £20.

Thu Nov 8th, Brede, East Sussex: SOLD OUT


Fungi Foraging in August and December

In August, I only run private sessions, and the price is much lower than for autumn sessions, even though the pickings can be superb, especially in the second half of the month.  There’s often some choice edibles species to be found (Giant Puffballs, Chicken of the Woods, late summer boletes, Agaricuses, Parasols, all sorts of Brittlegils, etc..). If there’s no fungi about (because it has been too dry) then I will refund your money, or reschedule. Price £120 for 3 hours, for a group of up to 7 people. Something similar applies to December, when there may still be some stuff worth finding, sometimes very abundantly, but there may not (same price and conditions).