Private fungi foraging events and vouchers

Private fungi foraging events

These take place anywhere on public access land in south-east England (which gives me a vastly increased area to work with, which is often reflected in the amount of fungi to be found), and are for up to seven people. The price is for the whole group, and you will take the finds home with you at the end. (If you are bringing children then contact me for a quote). The price quoted below is just for my standard 3 hour session in Kent/Sussex. I am happy to quote for longer private events, and for travelling further afield. They can take place any time between August and Christmas, and some of my best sessions are arranged at short notice when there is a glut of fungi at a slightly unusual time (especially in August).

3 hours. Price £250 on a weekend day (mainly Saturdays), £180 on a weekday.

Vouchers / presents

I can supply personalised vouchers, or write an equivalent message in a signed copy of my book to give as a present. Vouchers can be for a cash amount to be redeemed against any of our events, or for any of the specific types of event (at the same cost as a normal ticket). NOTE: I will be away from 23/12/19 to 29/12/19 and cannot supply vouchers.