Vouchers and private events (2021)

Email: geoff@geoffdann.co.uk
Phone: 07964 569715
Twitter: @DannGeoff

Vouchers / presents

I can supply personalised vouchers, or write an equivalent message in a signed copy of my book to give as a present. Vouchers can be for a cash amount to be redeemed against any of our events, or for any of the specific types of event.

Private events autumn 2021

I am available for private fungi foraging events, for groups of up to 7 people. These take place on public access land in Kent or East Sussex on Wednesdays and Saturdays from August to November. The price varies between £150 and £300 depending on whether they are 2 or 3 hours, and on demand (which is linked to season). Please email me if you’d like to book one of these dates (which will disappear as they are booked). If you would like some time to organise an event then please contact me and I can reserve a date for you for a week before I ask for a deposit.

The best time to go foraging is different every year.  On average, it peaks around the start of October in south-east England, but in some years – when there is a heatwave/drought when autumn should be happening – the best time is in August or November. If you book a date in August or late November and it looks like there will be very little around, I will offer a refund or price reduction. This does also happen in September/October, but not very often.


Sat 14th 3hrs £150

Sun 15th 3hrs £150

Wed 18th 3hrs £150

Sat 21st 2hrs £150

Wed 25th 3hrs £150

Sat 28th 2hrs £150


Wed 1st 3hrs £200

Sat 4th 2hrs £200

Wed 8th 3hrs £250

Sat 11th 2hs £200

Wed 15th 3hrs £250

Wed 22nd 3hrs £300


Wed 13th 3hrs £300

Sat 30th 2hrs £200


Wed 3rd 3hrs £250

Sat 6th 2hrs £200

Wed 10th 3hrs £200

Sat 13th 3hrs £250

Sun 14th 3hrs £225

Wed 17th 3hrs £200

Sat 20th 3hrs £200

Sun 21st 3hrs £175

Wed 24th 3hrs £150

Sat 27th 3hrs £150