Coastal Foraging 2021



These events take place at a secret location in East Sussex and are mostly focused on edible seaweeds. We will prepare/supply 2 or 3 dishes on the beach. There are 12 places per event, and they last about 2 and half hours.

The best time for coastal foraging is during a very low tide. In Sussex, these always occur quite early in the morning, or in the late afternoon or evening. The biggest tides of all happen around the equinoxes, and the seaweeds are at their best in the spring and summer. The tide heights given below refer to the height in metres above the lowest weather-independent tides to occur at the location (so 0.00m is the extreme lowest tide). We only run events if the tide is below 0.80m, 0.50m is an excellent low tide for foraging, and 0.20m is a typically the lowest tide of the year).

These events are only suitably for fully able-bodied and fit people; they are not a gentle stroll on a sandy beach. Most of the food served is vegan, some may involve butter and molluscs. £40.

Coastal foraging (Good) Fri Apr 2nd, start 9.15am (0.6m). FULLY BOOKED

Coastal foraging Sat Apr 10th, start 5.15pm (0.8m). FULLY BOOKED

Coastal foraging Sun May 30th, start 8.45am (0.6m). FULLY BOOKED

Coastal foraging Thu June 10th, start 6.15pm (1.1m). FULLY BOOKED

Coastal foraging Sun Jun 27th, start 8.00am (0.4m). FULLY BOOKED

Coastal foraging Tue July 27th, start 8.15am (0.4m). FULLY BOOKED