Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go foraging for fungi [in England]?

Autumn. But it depends hugely on the weather, and the best time in any one year can occur any time between mid-August and mid-November. Typically it is around mid-September to late October, but if there’s a drought in September and October then there might be two peaks, with a barren patch between. NB: the start of the main mushroom season can happen any time between the 2nd week in August and the 2nd week in September, but frequently it starts with a bang. It is not unusual that I have very few bookings for this period, and I usually offer late bargains for people who are watching my blog and contact me to book private sessions in the second half of August. Sometimes these turn out to be the best sessions, as well as the cheapest!

Can you go mushroom foraging in Spring?

Yes, but you might not find much. There is a “mini-season” for fungi in April/May, but you may well go out and find no edible fungi. I am happy to run more general foraging events at that time of year, because this is a good time to go hunting for edible plants.

When is the best time to go foraging for seaweeds?

Different species are at their best at different times, but in general the best time is between April and August.

Do you cancel foraging sessions because of bad weather or lack of fungi?

I do not cancel sessions because rain is forecast. Only if dangerous conditions are expected (ie high winds and/or lightning strikes) do I cancel and refund/reschedule. This happens very rarely. More frequently there is a lack of fungi (by which I mean I would be surprised if we find more than one or two edible species), in which case I will warn you in advance and offer the chance of a refund or reschedule.

I want to buy a foraging event as a present. Can you provide a voucher?

Yes, please email me and I can sort out a personalised voucher for a specific event or to be redeemed against various events.

Can you recommend people who do this outside your area (south-east England)?

No. There aren’t many people who do this at all, and I can’t vouch for anybody-else who does. That doesn’t mean they aren’t any good, just that I am not in a position to pass judgement on them.

Can I bring my dog?

Usually, yes. My labradoodle attends most of my events. You are welcome to bring dogs on private events, and provided they get on with people and other dogs then there should be no problem bringing them on public events. Although I have once had a collie run off and disappear, totally disrupting a private session, and a greyhound that sat down and refused to walk any further on another one…

I don’t have a car, can I get there by public transport?

For the fungi foraging hikes the answer is no. For the sessions at Brede, the answer is maybe. There are some buses that go through Brede, but the nearest railway station that has a direct bus connection is Hastings, ten miles away. The coastal sessions take place on the outskirts of Eastbourne, much easier to get to by car than public transport. Unfortunately, there isn’t anywhere we could run these events where there are good public transport links.